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CalcTab Scientific Calculator User Interface

User Interface Breakdown

  1. Status Bar
  2. Results History
  3. Error Bar
  4. Equation Box
  5. Active Keypad
  6. Persistent Keypad
  7. Keypad Selector

Status Bar

The status bar shows the status of the Angle Unit, Displayed Digits, and Answer Mode settings. Clicking the status bar will open the settings page.

Status Bar

Result History

The Result History shows previous entered equations and results. Changing any setting will not change results in the results history. Clicking either a equation or result will place the equation or result in the Equation Box.

Long Clicking an item in the results list will display the dialog shown above.

  • Delete Item
    • Removes the Equation and Result from the Result History
  • Clear All
    • Clear the result history

Results Dialog

Error Bar

The Error Bar is shown when there is an error in the entered equation. The error is cleared when either a valid equation is entered or the "CLR" button is pressed.

Error Box

Equation Box

Box showing the currently entered equation. Use the keypad to enter equations.

Equation Box

Active Keypad

The currently selected keypad. Use the Keypad Selector below the Active Keypad to change keypads.

Persistent Keypad

The keys in this keypad are always shown no matter which keypad is selected.

Delete Button Clicking the Delete button deletes the last character entered in the Equation Box. Holding down (long click) will clear the equation box.

Equals Button If Auto mode is enabled clicking this button will enter the current equation into the Result History. Holding down (long click) will return the approximate answer. If the equation box is empty and the equals button is pressed the last result will be returned, if the equals button is long clicked the approximate answer of the last result will be returned.

Approximate Button If the Answer Mode is set to Approximate this button will be shown. Clicking this button will always return the approximate answer. The answer mode will be set by the equation entered. See Answer Mode for more info. If the equation box is empty and the approximate button is pressed the last approximate answer of the last result will be returned.

Close parentheses Button Click this button to close a parentheses group.

Close braket Button Click this button to close an options group.

Keypad Selector

The Keypad selector is used to change between the available keypads.

Keypad Selector


    • Contains digits 0-9 and basic operators
  • MATH
    • Contains commands for powers and logarithms
  • TRIG
    • Contains trigonometric functions