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CalcTab Settings

Angle Settings

This sets the unit for the input of the standard trigonometric (sin, cos, etc.) functions or the output of the arc trigonometric (asin, acos, atan) functions


  • Radians
  • Degrees

Answer Mode

Sets the available output modes. There are two output modes for the answers to equations entered into the calculator, exact and approximate.

Exact Mode

Exact mode is limited to use with whole numbers and symbols such as π. If Exact mode is available if the result of any functions would be a decimal number then the function and the input is returned as part of the answer. Exact mode is used if no decimal numbers are in the equaiton, Answer Mode is set to Auto and the "=" button is pressed.

Equals Button

Approximate Mode

Approximate mode returns a decimal number for every equation entered. Approximate mode is used when the "≈" button is pressed.

Approximate Button


  • Auto

    • Automatically selects between Exact and Approximate modes depending on the equation entered

    • Approximate mode is used if the "=" button is held down (long clicked)

  • Approximate
    • Only Approximate mode is available

Displayed Digits

Selects the number of digits in an approximate answer shown in the result history. If you would like to see more digits touch the answer and the complete number will be added in the equation box.


  • 6 Digits
  • 8 Digits
  • 10 Digits

Simplify Exact Answers

Sets if exact answers are simplified. If enabled answers with the same parenthesis group or function is in both the numerator and denominator of a result, the group will be removed from the result. The multiplication and division of whole numbers in the result is unaffected. This only works for fractional answers.